Justin Bieber He has Deleted his Instagram Account

Justin Bieber :

Justin Bieber already had threatened on‘s fans, the singer has turned now seriously:he has deleted his Instagram account.


All Francesco to be strong: Justin Bieber (22, “Purpose”) has made true his threat and deleted his Instagram account. The following note is on his erstwhile profile: “Unfortunately, the page is not available. The link could be broken or the page has been removed.” Is everything become the singer too much?


After a series of hate comments of his pictures with his alleged new girlfriend Sofia Richie, 17, he had threatened his fans to convert his Instagram profile in the private mode. But the social-media dispute something out of control, when enlisted even his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez (24, “Revival”) Word.


Bieber vs. Gomez

“Funny how those who repeatedly are cheated, pointing the finger to the, who were patient and supportive. No wonder that the fans are mad. Sad. I send lots of love”, to have written under one of the black and white pictures of Bieber and Richie Gomez on Instagram. One other comment it was apparently: “If you can’t handle with hatred, then stop to post photos of your girlfriend. Lol it should be something special between you. Don’t be mad at your fans. They love you.” The comments have been deleted again.


Bieber of course had an answer for his ex ready: “it‘s funny that people who have used me for more attention, still trying to point the finger at me. Sad. I send lots of love. I want to hate strikes against anyone. I hope you can bypass all nice with my friends and with each other. And Yes, I love my Beliebers.” In addition he pushed allegedly behind: “I should be cheated? And what is with you and Zayn?” Also his comments disappeared again. Gomez had a liaison with the former one-direction Member Zayn Malik (23, “Mind of Mine”) in really?


Earlier a couple of dreams


Gomez and Bieber were public as lovers in 2011 for the first time. After several happy years together, they were sliding in a classical on-off relationship. At the time, it was rumored, Bieber betrayed Gomez. Some of the songs on the current albums of the two should revolve around her failed love. In official interviews they always emphasize to respect one another and to love. But cryptic posts on their social media accounts regularly get fans freaking out. It is however unusual that Gomez giftete now so against her ex.


Is this his new flame? Sofia Richie is the daughter of cuddly singer Lionel Richie, 67.It is the latest achievement of Justin Bieber with her 17 years. New photos show the two continued even holding hands. Model Hailey Baldwin, 19, had an affair with the Biebs recently. She wrote on Twitter: “Please do not involved me in matters which do not concern me, and please respect my privacy.” On Twitter and Facebook, Justin Bieber is still to find. One of his latest posts he writes: “not a boy anymore, there is anew man in town.” Is this statement to all the hater?

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