Julia Roberts Says “I Have Earned It, To Stay at Home”

Julia Roberts :

Envy on their young ladies? Does not know. Hollywood sweetheart prefer raves about remote-free family nights


Well humored, Julia Roberts, 48, drinking freshly brewed green tea. In conversation with GALA shows differently than in previous encounters, in which she proved not only her magnificent beams, true reporter Schreck she acts calm and satisfied.


The Oscar-winning 2000 no longer chasing the fame and despite (or because of?) is always more popular in Hollywood. The main role in their lives play now husband Danny moder, 47, son Henry, 9, and twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, both 11 Roberts’ latest film “mother’s day love is no child‘s play you is but not only so to the heart. It was also the fourthand finalfilm with Garry Marshall.


Your famous explorers died four weeks ago.


Yes, Garry was for me like a second father, a part of my life. As a child I watched TV shows such as “Happy days”, which he had produced.


“Pretty women” he made you 1990 overnight a star. How do you think back today at this time?


The world was the movie business a different at that time, also. It was less noisy and aggressive. Today, it must be awful to be a young actress. At that time was communicates not only over the Internet, and you could yourself decide who wants to beman and how to define themselves.

What exactly do you mean?


I can be quite relaxed from the sidelines this insane beauty craze in Hollywood fortunately. The young ladies sometimes very sorry, and I‘m glad that I must define me instead of my appearance. My children want can see when I‘m mad, happy or confused. Every face but his own story and should not be shaped by plastic surgeons. Unfortunately, we live in a world so hysterical, in himself the chance take the women to see how they would look as a older person. But I want, like even.


In “mother’s day Garry Marshall again gave you a starring role. How did it?


Actually, always ten years ranged from the movies, we‘ve shot. This time, it was shorter, because Garry formally has imposed on the role of me. He threw the script home me in the mailbox with a little note on it, that a rejection was not an option. That was typical of Garry.


Do you have a different relationship with the mother‘s day than in the past as a MOM today?


My kids give me the feeling that every day is mother‘s day. But there is also the tradition that I can sleep on mother‘s day and the children bring me some pancakes and coffee at the bedside. So I made earlier that even with my mother. She has let not noted at the time that the pancakes were not right through.


How do you balance your life as a wife, mother, housewife and actress?


It‘s quite good, Yes Yes not so much as in the past. Now I‘m mostly a film per year, in the summer weeks when my children will have a vacation. I‘m very happy at homewith the family and could no longer imagine another life. When I see my kids play and laugh, that is my biggest happiness.


Is the career so only once back?


I think I have earned it, to stay at home and to work less. I‘m now very demanding when it comes to choose my roles. Now anyway, with three children, I must provide entertainment throughout the day. I swimming so well at home just with dolls. (laughs)


One of your offspring showed because already ambitions to follow MOM in show business?


So far not yet. I often take the children to the shooting, and they also understand what I do professionally. But otherwise we keep show business out of our private lives. The children watch very little television. You to deal better with creative things or play in the garden. In the evening we take our time eating and talking about everything that happened on the day, instead of the TV to squat.


They seem pretty happy with your life. Is it true?


Absolute! I was never imposed. I will no longer be guided by external influences, but remember on my intuition and my feeling.

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