Jennifer Aniston “The Constant Questions Annoy after Children”

Jennifer Aniston :

Jennifer Aniston what keeps them by persistent questions about children and what has inherited her her mother reveals in the interview


Jennifer Aniston seems to have it all: in addition to a wonderful career, U.S. actress has found her luck with Justin Theroux (45, “The Leftovers”) private. The two gave themselves say 2015. However, the couple has no children, but the media Aniston pregnancy seal on regularly what is bugging you. Whether‘s there cheer them, that the American “people magazine she chose April 2016 for the “most beautiful woman in the world”? What keeps them from such titles and as questions for children deals with, she told in an interview.


Jennifer Aniston: that sucks it


The 47-year-old forward though about such “title”, but she knows also to classify these “Awards”. “Of course it strokes the ego, but you must take it all not too seriously. I‘m sure that there are many women who have earned this title”, so the actress talking with spot on news. A theme really brings the actress on the Palm: “the constant questions annoy after children, but that brings the job now so,” explained the former ‘friends’-star. Because the speculation about a possible pregnancy does not tear easily. Last Aniston defended himself in a blog entry in the “Huffington Post about it. The title was: “For the record”.

Family is the theme for it


Despite who don’t end up never-ending discussion on their personal family Foundation, Jennifer not shy to appear in films as a mother. In “mother’s day: love is no child‘s play she plays the single Sandy. It is the last film by Director Garry Marshall, who died in July at the age of 81. The Strip deals with various choices and aspects of family life. The family a subject “that always again magically attracts me”, said the Hollywood star. And although she herself is not, they inspire other mothers very: “all my friends are now mothers. A great task for women. I have always said that I find impressive the existence of mothers.”

The relationship with her mother was difficult


Her mother Nancy Dow Jennifer but had a rather difficult relationship. She died in late may after a long illness at the age of 79. Dow had published a book about the relationship with her daughter in 1999. Since then, the contact should have been rather sporadic. Asked what positive and also negative qualities she inherited from her own mother, the American replied: “I think that I have my sense of humor from my mother and my father. And a quality not so good I like it and that I have inherited? HM, I‘m a very nervous motorists. “And I am even worse as a passenger.”

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