Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Want Her Mom’s Ashes

Jennifer Aniston :

End of may Dow died in Nancy, the mother of Jennifer Aniston. Now the Hollywood actress refuses to accept the ashes of the deceased


That Nancy had given private details from the life of daughter Jennifer Aniston, 47, to the public Dow (d. 79) during his lifetime, the Hollywood actress could not forgive her. It doesn’t change the death of Nancy also clearly.


Jennifer Aniston the ashes of their mother does not want


Although the former ‘Friends’ body at the deathbed took farewell to Nancy and she attended her funeral it seems their duty as daughter met. When Jennifer was asked after the funeral, whether she wanted keep the ashes of her mother, she refused.


“She said: I don’t want it“, tells a Vertrauer family US magazine “InTouch Weekly“. It was not Jennifer’s style to have the scorched remains of a man in her house. The Hollywood actress–who felt that as a “morbid”.


A difficult mother daughter relationship removed Jen by Nancy


“Everyone knows that Jennifer and Nancy had a terrible relationship,” the friend tells more details. “She was a daughter, who was not there and even now Nancy gone, it seems, than Jen wanted to not have to sign.”


Nancy dows public accountability over their daughter‘s life, the book was published in the 1999 “from mother and daughter to friends: A memoir culminated that had Jennifer Aniston can never forgive her. Although had the two‘s fed up again in 2008, but the reconciliation steps seem to have had its limits.


Despite the tense relationship, the ash removal for anise tone family but should have been a surprise. “Even Justin Theroux thought that Jen would take the ashes,” says the Insider about the husband of the popular movie actress. Maybe is Jens decision but also the reaction to it that her mother has disinherited them in her will.


It is now unclear what will happen with the remains of Nancy Dow.

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