Heidi Klum Now Her Father Speaks About Leni

Heidi Klum :

After Flavio Briatore first with Heidi Klum has expressed  in an interview about his daughter, Grandpa Gunther Klum to word register now


Twelve years Flavio Briatore, 66, the public had lost not a word about Leni, the daughter, which he Heidi Klum, 43, with his then partner. That he has broken his silence at the end of July in an interview, was surprising to many.


Apparently also for Gunther Klum, 60, the father of Heidi.


It says Gunther Klum to Leni and Flavio Briatore


“He must know that. I don’t know why he manifests itself right now to do this”, says the model agent to“Grazia”about the sudden talkativeness of the former Formula 1 Manager.


Briatore and Heidi Klum had separated in 2003 during the pregnancy. When Leni on May 4, 2004 came to the world, she had with the singer seal, 53, found it a surrogate father. 2009, he even adopted the little girl.


“Leni is my biological daughter, but three, we have decided that it makes more sense if seal adopted her as a child in a family will have to grow up”, Flavio says the newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera” now years later.


“Leni is happy”


With Henry, 10, Johan, 9, and Lou, 6, the children of Heidi and ex-husband has seal,Leni has three half-siblings. “Leni is happy. It is not excluded by the other”, says grandfather Gunther on the life of his oldest granddaughter.


The result of a mature decision, Heidi once had taken Klum and Flavio Briatore for the sake of their daughter.

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