Emily Ratajkowski On The Beach There is a Sideboob-Alarm!

Emily Ratajkowski :

Model Emily Ratajkowski causes a stir at the beach. Because her black swimsuit looks hotter than many bikini model.


Who would have thought that a bathing suit can be so sexy? Shows model and actress Emily Ratajkowski on Instagram (25, “we are your friends“) in a particularly exciting swimwear model. The black one piece namely especially impresses with its skimpy cut through the Ratajkowski creates an exciting Sideboob effect.


The swimsuit has experienced 2016 a brilliant comeback in the summer season. Models such as Mera011 Shaik, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner love the classic one piece in its new variants. And what of the sex appeal, can quite compete with the Bikini,proved that again once impressive Emily Ratajkowski.

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