Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer Star Kisses Fitness Model

Cristiano Ronaldo :

He is in firm hands, or is it just a pool flirting? Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted in Miami along with the model Cassendre Davis


In January 2015 there split Cristiano Ronaldo, 31, his long-term girlfriend Irina Shayk, 30, since then it has become quiet about the love life of football superstars up on a few rumors. That may be changing now but all of a sudden. The freshly baked European champion stays still on vacation, more specifically in Miami. There he was photographed now by a paparazzo of the U.S. Portal “TMZ”, as he lolls along with a US fitness model by the pool and pressing a thick Sahil on the forehead during a hug.


Cristiano Ronaldo kisses Cassendre Davis

The pretty blonde is Cassendre Davis, who has collected more than 500,000 fans on Instagram. Their specialty: Movies and pics of her ass, which not only incredibly toned, but also pretty lush has failed. It seems the Star Real Madrid to please…


Ronaldo is a heart-throb

Recently Cristiano Ronaldo was sealed on an affair the new football championship with the Italian model Elisa de Panicis. Whether this liaison is now only cooled down or he looks around just after a new love affair, remains speculative.



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