Chrissy Teigen You May Refer to Your Stretch Marks

Chrissy Teigen :

With this photo, Chrissy Teigen makes mothers courage: on Snapchat the 30 years shows that the pregnancy with daughter left Luna in the model tracks


She is an absolute desire child: for four months Chrissy Teigen are parents of little Luna Teigen and John Legend and overjoyed about the increase in family.


Chrissy Teigen had to struggle long


The way up to the pregnancy was very hard for the couple: they had to fight for years until it finally worked with artificial fertilization. The two are now all the more grateful, to keep a healthy daughter in her arms.

Model with stretch marks


Shortly after the birth of the little Luna Chrissy presented flying itself also already again rank and slim. But not without a trace passes in the pregnancy in a model, the 30-year-old with a Snapchat video proves. Chrissys slim and tanned thighs are to see,but also with significant stretch marks. “LOL my legs have taken their toll,” she commented the short clip with a crying smiley.


The body changed


Refreshingly honest and encouraging: Because a pregnancy changes the female body also the a model. Finally, the skin of a woman is stretched by the growing belly and breasts in shortest possible time. Depending on the nature of the connective tissue tears in the skin are the famous stretch marks after pregnancy .


Enough of the illusion


For their honesty are grateful to their fans Chrissy Teigen. In Hollywood and the fashion world, such natural consequences a pregnancy is not an issue. Rather, the colleagues of the models present themselves usually shortly after childbirth again with perfect after baby body. An illusion that corresponds to reality: The few women left the delivery room as a sex goddess and that‘s totally fine.

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