Britney Spears In “Car Pool Karaoke”

Britney Spears :

Britney Spears was never known for their singing skills. Her appearance is surprising when the “car pool karaoke by James Corden yet


Hardly anyone thinks of Britney Spears, when it comes to the best singers in the world. Despite her highly successful career the 34 year old has never establish themselves as a musician, because she could never score with her voice. It was always the big show effects and dance routines that made Britney Spears a world star, which is today. For the playback singing there was always criticism, but fans of the American left had always only a weary smile and much Gejubel for their Britney.


Playback Queen Britney Spears


Still, Britney’s recent appearance in the “car pool karaoke of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” surprised many. We see a little frightened-looking Britney alongside James Corden sit in a first teaser for the episode, which aired in America on August 25, 2016. In the past were already stars as Adele, Justin Bieber and even the current First Lady Michelle Obama. All embarked on a little karaoke. And Britney? Britney shows who is the Queen of playback.


As Britney’s hit “Toxic” sings Corden, she should agree actually. Dalton. Madame sings with barely audible and delivers a playback show à la Britney. It won’t be long, because complaining fans on Twitter:


She sings about not even in the car pool karaoke really?”, asks a user on Twitter.

 But let’s be fair times: never had Britney singing. Anyway, looking forward to the whole episode with her!

B R I T N E Y #CarpoolKaraoke is coming August 25th!

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