Anne Hathaway “There is No Shame To Take To”

Anne Hathaway :

In March, her son was born, now Anne Hathaway is strong for women, who are in similar situation as you.


Anne Hathaway (33, “Alice in Wonderland: behind the mirrors”) with their recent Instagram message to mothers is aimed: “There is no reason to be ashamed of yourselves,” she writes there to a cut-up jeans. The Oscar winner is obviously mainly around the body of women after the birth of a child. “There is no shame to take during pregnancy (or otherwise). There is no shame, if it takes longer than you think to get rid the weight (if you ever again want to get rid of it) “, it says in the post of the 33-year-old.


It was also no shame in being from his own Jeans Shorts, because “are simply too short last summer for the thigh this summer”, she continues to write. “Body change.Body grow. Body shrink. “It all is love (nothing else let you talk).” Hathaway got her son Jonathan Rose of Fairbanks in March. Father of the small is her husband Adam Shulman, 35.

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