Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Settlement!

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp :

Incredibly, Amber heard and Johnny Depp to have agreed out of court


It‘s over! Amber heard and Johnny Depp should have reached an agreement out of court. You can hardly believe it, finally move the daily news about the divorce, Amber’s accusations of domestic violence against Johnny and the current dispute formally. And all of a sudden everything is finished? In fact! As TMZ reported, lawyers of both parties on a comparison have agreed. Amber gets 8 million $ 7 million after the required now.


Amber heard and Johnny Depp agree


Are these millions a hush money? A payment was subject always to the condition that Amber no further talks about the alleged violence of Johnny. So far the actress refused to respond, but now everything seems to be different.


Joint statement


The agreement, Johnny and amber could publish a joint statement that will end the dispute between the two.


“Our relationship was very passionate, sometimes flighty, but always love connected. There was never the intention to hurt someone physically or emotionally. Amber Johnny wishes only the best for the future. Amber will donate the financial proceeds from the divorce to a charitable action.”


Whether it probably really is about to end? It seems as both amber and Johnny has become just about too much, and when both just for a suitable way. Whether he has been found with the comparison and really is silent whether amber in the future remains to be seen.

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