Lindsay Lohan Is That a Baby Bump ?

Lindsay Lohan :

In the midst of the crisis of love with her fiance Egor Tarabasov Lindsay Lohan shows up on a yacht with a clearly curved belly


Lindsay Lohan recently revealed that she was pregnant. Many fans and magazines to doubt the statement, however, because she posted an old movie poster of her film “(K) a little bit pregnant” and it comes in the Strip that Selwyn character Thea only claims to be pregnant in order to avoid an impending termination. Later, Lindsay deleted the entry on her Instagram entry and shocked Igor Tarabasov in parallel with mud-slinging between her and her fiance. She wants attention? So were at least the allegations against the actress. But now new photos of the 30-year show up showing inappropriate indeed with a buckle to her otherwise very slim body . Is that a baby bump you? Lindsay Meanwhile no longer comments on the drama to their relationship.


Lindsay Lohan: Now she talks about her relationship drama

Fraud, pregnancy and alleged murder attempt: Lindsay Lohan and her fiance Egor Tarabasov are in a deep crisis of love. Now, the actress reported themselves to Word

Lindsay Lohan’s relationship drama with her fiance Egor Tarabasov is apparently still not over, but she announced their fans, that‘s off now good. The 30-year writes to snapshot, which shows the actress in a bikini on a boat.


Lindsay Lohan takes a break

“I‘m just time for me even with friends. Sorry I put certain matters in the public”, as Lohan. “I have acted out of fear and sadness.”

Last weekend, she had accused their Russian fiance to have cheated on her with a prostitute. In addition, Lohan on Twitter posted the trailer of her film “(K) a little bit pregnant” and wrote: “I‘m pregnant.” In the meantime, this entry is deleted. However,her father Michael Lohan believes on the pregnancy of his daughter. “I have no reason not to trust her. She‘s my daughter. She never fooled me”, he told the TV magazine on the subject of” Inside Edition “.

The dispute between Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov culminated in an alleged assassination attempt on the weekend. The British “Sun” released a video that shows the actress, and her 23-year old fiance. Is Lohan accused the millionaire, they angeriffen and choked. He should have tried to kill her, Lindsay Lohan gets in the clip.

“We all make mistakes”, the Diva infamous for their scandals writes now on Instagram. “Sadly mine were always very publicly. I have tested my conscience in recent years often and would have to use more often my clear mind, distracted by my good heart than me.”


Egor Tarabasov is supposed to have his anger under control

Lindsay Lohan I want to send no contradictory messages about social media. Among other things “” indeed writes that the relationship with Egor Tarabasov was finished, but Lohan makes it clear: “maybe things can be maybe not repaired I hope they can.” And then adds she still added as she imagines their partner:“I‘m 30 years old and earn a #sanftenRiesen. The meaning of life is love and light.Not rage.”


Egor Tarabasov should now be stripped from their residence in London. A spokesman for the actress said “Page Six”: “Lindsay believes that Egor has problems with his aggression and she wants him to go to therapy.” Lindsay Lohan’s alleged pregnancy but did not confirm the speaker.

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