Kristen Bell Bride In Black

Kristen Bell :

Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard are already married in 2013. In an interview about her depression, the actress revealed pictures of the wedding and her wedding dress for the first time


Actress Kristen Bell managed to make a name in Hollywood as an actress. As TV detective “Veronica Mars“, musical star and animal rights activist was the 35-year-old in the shark tank of the industry. But the beautiful facade, has a fragile flip side. In an interview a few weeks ago, Bell told of her family life with depression. With this confession, the wife and mother venture a bold step, because depression are especially in the dream factory often still considered taboo.


Black wedding dress

In an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning” Kristen Bell spoke also about the wedding to actor Dax Shepard. The two were married three years ago in the Beverly Hills courthouse. So far, no photos of the wedding to the public access. Now some snapshots were shown in the video. It is the beautiful actress with her newly wedded husband to see.

Also, it gives a look also for the first time on her wedding outfit, what is rather unusual at first glance. Bell was namely not white, but a black ensemble. It combined a large statement necklace.

Further, she reveals in the interview: “just be, so whatever I am happy”, so is the greatest desire of the actress.


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