Heidi Klum Sweet Photo With Their Children

Heidi Klum :

Model Heidi Klum posts a rare photo of themselves and their kids Leni, Henry and Lou on the Internet


We see Heidi Klum, 43, with baseball cap and surfboard on the beach. The Sun is shining, only a few light clouds on the otherwise radiant blue sky along. At their feet breaking the waves in the sea. What‘s Special: The model is not alone at this moment!


Gathered around she has daughter Leni (12, 2.v.r), youngest Lou, 6, (2.v.l) and son Henry, 10 (r.). Only her second eldest Johan, 9, is missing from the sweet family snapshot of family Klum on the beach.


Cute: With her two girls, Mama keeps Heidi Klum even holding hands. A rare photo, else abides by ex-“Victoria’s secret”-Engel with photographs of his loved ones back.


Action sports instead of lazing around for family Klum

Together that spends “Germany’s next top model” Paakkanen with their kids the Sunday morning (July 24) on the beach. Are comfortable with an ice cream in the Sun,reading a book or listening to music? Apparently not an option for the model juniorand one of their girlfriends. Rather, the group with his boards in the floods pounces.


Where‘s Vito Schnabel?

By the friend of the Bergisch-Gladbacherin, Vito Schnabel, 29, is, however, nothing to see here. But one must press finally also on the shutter of the camera.



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