Hayden Panettiere Great Case! She Stand It ?

Hayden Panettiere :

Hayden Panettiere, actress and wife of Wladimir Klitschko, is currently in a legal dispute with their dog sitter

It seems Wladimir Klitschko, Hayden Panettiere, the actress and fiancee of boxing champion is the last month of the bad luck to be tracked. Recently, she was discharged from her second treatment for postnatal depression and also it should properly kriseln in the relationship with Klitschko. And now that sued them their own dog sitter. Whether she stand it?


Hayden Panettieres dog Sitterin

TIA Brooks is the name of the former dog sitter by Hayden Panettiere. According to“TMZ”, Hayden TIAs wanted to use service as long as she have still no permanent home for her two dogs. Hayden Panettiere had saved because previously the Rottweiler-Labrador mix Zander and the Labrador-pit bull mix Xena and knew not Whither with the two. So she relied on TIA, but TIA, have not kept to the agreement according to the “TMZ” and housed the dogs allegedly itself somewhere. Nevertheless she put their services are still in the Bill.


TIA Brooks sued Hayden Panettiere

Now, the US gossip Portal “TMZ” reported by a legal dispute of the two women. The reason for the dispute gave the occasion for the legal dispute after reports of “TMZ” self. TIA Brooks have sued Hayden Panettiere and 7,700 euro demand now for their services.


Hayden Panettiere does the dispute

Lawyer Hayden Panettiere defends his‘re and explains the “TMZ” that TIA for six years was looking dogs, where she have got 27 euros on the day. The sum of their Bill revealed but 108,000 euro because she have added many toys and sprays.


Dogs in L.A. are just expensive, but whether actually still kanppe 8,000 euros are available to TIA Brooks, remains questionable. As well, the question remains whether Hayden Panettiere coped with the dispute, finally it has been mentally at the moment. We wish you the best!

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