Ana Ivanovic This is The Secret of Her Figure

Ana Ivanovic :

Professional athlete Ana Ivanovic has to owe their top figure not only a hard workout on the tennis court. On Instagram, Bastian Schweinsteiger’s wife reveals what she eats like


You trained for the Olympic Games

Tennis player Ana Ivanovic, 28, is in the middle of the preparations for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. During the sports competitions she compete from August 3rd in the women’s singles. The goal of the wife of Bastian Schweinsteiger is of course, to win a medal for her home country of Serbia.


For the beautiful sportswoman renounced even extensive honeymoon with her husband, fresh angetrauten. Barely a week after the romantic wedding in Venice the 28 year-old was back on the tennis court, to train for her dream.


That eats like Ana Ivanovic

But Ana Ana Ivanovic must complete not only an eisen hartes training program for their success, she must also pay attention to their diet. The Serb betrayed now on Instagram, which one is your favorite Super food. The Serb loves avocados! Avocados are miracles of character: they contain many important vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids that give strength, long enough and make even slim.


The fruits also contain folic acid, which is stress-reducing. The ambitious tennis player during the preparations for the Olympic Games can certainly use this effect.


Important career boost

In Brazil, the pretty brunette in her career with a medal could once again give a proper boost: should Ana actually succeed in Rio on the podium, it would be the biggest success of her career for her after winning the 2008 French Open.



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