Amber Rose Surprising New Look For Their Show

Amber Rose :

So, fans have never seen Amber rose. For a copy of her show her stylists have devised something special.


Amber rose (32, “How to Be a Bad Bitch”) is almost unrecognizable. The 32-year old for her grating-short, blonde hair is usually known, for the upcoming edition of “Amer Rose Show” radically changed their style. On Instagram, rose published a series of snapshots that show them with a wig. Although the hair color is the same, while hair fall you in gentle waves to the Chin.


Her eyes are framed by dense, false eyelashes, the lips are drawn with a dark BlackBerry tone. Amber rose wears a tight moosgrunes dress with extremely large neckline. “Who am I? What‘s going on? “, you hear say rose in a short clip on their almost comic-like look. Seems almost as herself, but a number of stylists for the new look was responsible. As a studio guest, rose is rapper the game on Friday. Like this probably responded to the unexpected appearance of his hostess? We find the new look certainly pretty sexy…

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