Adele : New Trend Of Diet Is Perfect for Everyone

Adele :

Adele, professional Boxer David Haye and co.: many celebrities swear by the new Sirtfood diet. We tell you why you should try out the trend


Here a glass of wine, as a piece of chocolate what after Sin sounds, is part of the new Sirtfood diet and thus can land without bad conscience in the shopping basket.You are only two food on the extensive list of delicious Sirtfoods that make not only slim, but also still young. Singer Adele (28, “Hello”) has slimmed down this way in the last year 14 kilos. But what exactly is behind the trend diet?

With distribution to the dream figure

The idea is actually quite simple: Sirtfood is rich in so called Sirtuinen. These are enzymes that reduce the production of free radicals. Thus, they protect the body’s cells from damage and stress, have an anti-inflammatory effect and slow the aging process in the long term. Who consumes many sirtuinreiche foods, also stimulates fat burning and metabolism is on the back burner.


What foods are on the menu?

Is a long list of sirtuinreichen food: celery, Arugula, capers, red onion, walnuts, garlic and extra virgin olive oil are also on the menu such as apples and parsley. Even blueberries, which are long known for their antioxidant activity as well as green tea and chili peppers belong to the SIRT foods that strengthen the immune system and prevent cravings. Also, foods with a high content of Resveratol are considered slimmer. These include including red wine and dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 85 percent.


Is there a plan?

The most important advance: the Sirtuin diet is not strict calorie counting, but rather a healthy way of life. Whoever hears the words “Chocolate” and “Red wine”, should also be aware that you can not with a XL Panel on the couch make themselves comfortable and uninhibited indulge in alcohol. At the beginning of the diet the caloric intake on maximum 1000 calories is limited in the first three days. Then increasing on 1500 calories, which is equivalent to a deficit of 500 at an average daily requirement of 2000 calories for women. Who also drives sports, those extra pounds tumble naturally faster where. Experts recommend a mix of cardio and strength training.



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