Zayn Malik Bad Anxiety Attack!

Zayn Malik :

Zayn Malik looks like a tough guy. But appearances are deceptive. The singer had aschlime panic attack


Zayn Malik, 23, should actually occur on Saturday in the capital summertime ball in London born.


Severe anxiety disorder

Because so far it didn’t unfortunately. Although the singer is extra traveled from the United States, an anxiety attack that prevented him to enter the stage. He gave a detailed explanation of Twitter his disappointed fans in retrospect: “to all the people who waited on me. Unfortunately my anxiety disorder that followed me for months during live performances, fully caught and overwhelmed got.”


Zayns apology

Reason for the “worst panic attack” his career was the size of the event. The short-term cancellation do him infinitely tired, he would try to make it. Zayn Malik not explained how this compensation should look like, however. For this, he appealed to the sympathy of his fans: “I know that anyone who suffers from anxiety, will understand me and hope that those who do not know it, can put at least in my situation.”

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