Verona Pooth New Beauty Look Disappointed Their Fans

Verona Pooth :

In the summer holiday with husband Franjo Verona Pooth taking harsh criticism. Their fans are disappointed by their appearance and miss any relaxing summer holidays in California Verona Pooth must insert a bitter disappointment.The photos, which they shared with their fans on Facebook, namely arrive due to its modified not good for the fans.


Holiday pictures make for excitement

The recordings from Monday (June 20) and Tuesday (June 21) show a relaxed Verona Pooth, posing on the beach. But the user comments of their fans some pretty harsh for the 48-year-old.


“To Verona, what is wrong? You are its such a pretty, please let the Geschnibbel andsyringe. YOU don’t look like yourself! “, complained about Facebookmitglied Daniela. Others compare the successful presenter with a wax figure and regret the fact that the TV beauty lost any naturalness.


Criticism and support of the fans

But also the emotional assistance, the Verona Pooth learns is just as intense as the criticism of her looks. Encouraging comments, she should be not to get under, are answered by a media star with short acknowledgments and kiss Emojis then promptly.


After Verona Pooth  “the lips were a disaster” has spoken in February 2016 with much self-mockery about her accident lip spraying, their appearance is again now on the subject.


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