Sylvie Meis Interview So Is Hot!

Sylvie Meis :

Now is time to get in shape! GALA know on which training Sylvie Meis vows for their dream-Po


No matter whether Apple or pear shape: main thing is that the rear end is crisp, without a hint of cellulite. Sylvie Meis, 38, has such a dream-Po. And she does a lot for this, so that he also remains. Sylvie swears by electric stimulation training (EMS).


What convinced you to the EMS training?

I know no other training that forms a so round bubble butt: the butt is high, round and hard. The exercises are super tiring, it torments there sometimes. But it pays off.


How achieve the best results quickly?

You should eat plenty of vegetables and proteins, and drink a lot of water. Also, you should drink no alcohol. By alcohol the body stores water also the discipline is lost.

It is important, also, that it is not always the same exercises. It‘s the thrills! Only then, the body may vary.


What are you doing against cravings?

I‘m a non-fat yogurt with fruit, that helps.

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