Sophia Thomalla Secret Wedding in The United States

Sophia Thomalla :

Sophia Thomalla to be entered before the altar. The lucky however is not on-off friend Till Lindemann


This post is awesome if it‘s true because: Sophia Thomalla to supposedly got married. Secretly in the United States, already on March 11, as the “image” newspaper reported on Friday night (June 10). Groom was not her long-time on-off boyfriend and “Rammstein” lead vocalist Till Lindemann, 53, but the US singer Andy LaPlegua, whom she met in the past year. But why she came so suddenly with the 40 years before the altar?


Marriage so just stick like a tattoo

Sophia Thomalla said “Image”: “really I don’t know anymore. It was moving day. Till and I separated, broke my head, everything was too narrow. The marriage has emerged from an extreme situation out.” There have not been probably a marriage proposal according to Sophia Thomalla  at least she could no longer remember. “But it was spontaneous and easy. Getting married in the United States is as simple as a tattoo sting”, theactress lets know.


Her family was not inaugurated

The wedding in LaPleguas hometown of Marietta in the U.S. State of Georgia was even so secret that not even know the family of the 26 year old. That wanted them but also just so. “I must run with anything and everything to my parents. “So I‘m, not knitted, Sophia Thomalla explains the tabloid. It was quite different when her ex Till Lindemann. He was inaugurated into the wedding plans.


Whether this unexpected vows now applies for eternity? Sophia Thomalla are compared to “Image” very thoughtful: “I know that as an early marriage is madness. Reckless probably too, but sometimes you do just things in life that are not properly thought through. I‘m now once all on me to come.” It all sounds kinda not real marriage happiness.

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