Selena Gomez She’s Changed So Much

Selena Gomez :

Singer Selena Gomez has truly enviable hair. Long, dark, a little curly. But now she apparently was down for a change and their settled just in time at the beginning of “revival tour Miss a new look. We show how much it has changed


No fear of change, always trying out new lust, to remain always faithful. Singer Selena Gomez and has the desire to present a new side.


At the beginning of their “revival tour now, she surprised us with a new look.


Bye bye hair

The 23-year-old is known for her long, dark mane of curls. Many fans and even prominent colleagues envy to this head of hair.


But this style now belongs to the past.

Their stylist Marissa Marino, Selena Gomez did miss out a whole new look. Her hair remained on it although, quite the singer has changed yet.


Are their hair and a long, loose pony decorates her pretty face now. The color has few highlights will get missed.




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