Selena Gomez Collapse On The Stage

Selena Gomez :

The death of Christina Grimmie many celebrities shook deeply particularly singer Selena Gomez. You and the candidate‘s “the voice” were good friends. At a concert,Gomez broke now in tears


Selena Gomez (23, “Same Old Love”) mourns her close friend Christina Grimmie (1994-2016) the participant of “The Voice” had been shot after a concert on Friday in Florida. Gomez was killed now an appearance in Miami. A meeting had cancelled the singer previously with fans because of security concerns.


Outbreak of tears on stage

When the 23-year-old on stage about their relationship with Christina Grimmie spoke, she erupted in tears according to “TMZ”: “when she was 14, we have met them, and my parents and I took them under contract,” Selena Gomez told with a broken voice. “She had so much don’t trust, and I really understand how this could happen. “But I want to dedicate the next song you.”


The musician then wiping the tears from her face and the ballad “Transfiguration” dedicated to her friend.


Numerous U.S. stars mourn the deceased Christina Grimmie. As “the voice” coach Adam Levine. She was in the sixth season of the US talent show in his team. On Instagram, posted a photo of the “Maroon 5″ front man and wrote: “I am saddened, shocked and confused.”


Also very upset about the death of the young woman, his “the voice” Opfer showedup on Twitter. “I‘m stunned, indignant and my heart is broken that we have… lost this dear little girl In thoughts I am with her family.”


Numerous U.S. stars teamed up with expressions of condolence on Twitter.


Grimmie is probably was shot by a crazed fan who is killed after the fact itself. Selena Gomez had already shared a photo of himself and Grimmie via Twitter. The girlfriends fooling around on it and laugh at the camera. The brief but very emotional photo caption is: “my heart is broken. I miss you Christina.”

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