Rita Ora Burglar Found Guilty

Rita Ora :

Rita Ora will be pleased: in London a man been convicted now, had broken into the home of the pop star.


Yet last week Popstar Rita Ora (“radioactive”) had reported Court tearfully from the night of the crime in November 2015 now the process to a brazen burglary in the London home of 25 years is completed. Ten of the 12 jurors have a 26yearold defendant found guilty as the ‘mirror’ reports on Wednesday. He should have stolen include jewelry, shoes, smartphones and expensive bags worth 200,000 pounds equivalent of 244,000 euros from the House, in the Ora, her sister Elena, as well as the parents of the two live.


A downer for Rita Ora, however, remains: the stolen items are so far not come forward. The “mirror” wants to have found out, meanwhile, that the offender has an extensive criminal record. The man committed is also a particularly distasteful fact: according to “Mirror” the 26-year-old has tried in 2008, photos of the corpse of the murdered “Harry Potter” stars Rob Knox (1989-2008) to sell profitably.


Rita Ora itself had issued a statement about the case last week behind a curtain. Also a recording of the emergency call of the singer was been played. “This call has brought me something out of the socket. You give me”a moment, said Rita Ora in the courtroom in tears. Her sister Elena told me she had met the burglar in the Housethe thief had been at her bedside. “I was overwhelmed by fear,” Elena Ora reported.

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