Paris Jackson Takes Her Father To Protection

Paris Jackson :

Once again, allegations against Michael Jackson have become loud, his daughter Paris Jackson to speak before his death, he had in fact child pornographic material, register now. And it is a clear statement


Even seven years after Michael Jackson’s death is the suspicion that he is to have abused children in the room. Now, his daughter Paris Jackson expressed quite clearly to the renewed allegations.


Monstrous allegations

Documents were published a few days ago, which should prove that Michael Jackson should have possessed in fact inappropriate images and videos. in 2003 his Neverland Ranch was searched, it a collection of porn should be been ensured, containing material with naked children, men and women bound. Moreover, 70 officials allegedly found drugs for the treatment of a s*x addiction. The police report should be above the Internet portal “Radar Online”.


Paris defends her father

Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson, who is rather had deprived the spotlight lately, volunteered for service in the matter via Twitter to Word and clearly took a stand a few hours ago:“unfortunately negative is selling well. I ask you to ignore the whole garbage and the parasites who are trying to make a career by slander on my father.”


At that time he was acquitted

Shortly thereafter, the 18-year-old posted a photo of the King of pop with outstretched middle finger. Paris Jackson, also wrote that her father a pure person and was always innocent. Michael Jackson had to answer to more than ten years already because of suspicion of child abuse in court, in 2005 but was acquitted of all charges.

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