Pamela Anderson Now Unpacks Her Son Brandon Lee

Pamela Anderson :

Pamela Anderson has had wild phases in their lives. For her son Brandon Lee, that was “eerily liberating”, as he says in the interview.


Pamela Anderson is still today worldwide best known for its legendary role as Badenixe in the cult series “Baywatch” (1989-2001). But the now 48 year old actress makes also headlines these days, because with her sons Dylan Jagger, 18, and Brandon Thomas Lee, 20, two new Hollywood-it-boys in the world, has been that is slowly but surely make them their own name as models.


Father of two sons is Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee, 53, the Anderson was married from 1995 to 1998. A circumstance, the Anderson-son Brandon Lee in an interview with spot on news as “incredibly liberating” feels. “Because I have, no matter what also do, is still described as a harmless will, because my parents made it all possible nonsense”, so Lee.

Learned a lot of the parents

Brandon Lee, who pursued a career as a model, but also admits to have learned a lot from his parents in style and fashion. “I quickly realized that one should make any great thoughts on, what other think of one. That has helped me to create my own style”, tells the 20 year old. He would his style called classic, “not so crazy as to my father previously has attracted.”


On the question why especially his mother so long held out him out of the limelight, Lee says: “I think my mother very well know that fame has also many negative sides. It‘s totally okay, a bit normal to grow up without being referred as son of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. I had this opportunity.”


Pamela Anderson is proud of her sons

And also the mother confirmed: “It was not fair, to tug them as children in the spotlight and on red carpets”, says Anderson. “Today are both guys real gentlemen. It fills me with joy and pride”, the former sex symbol, which today is above all things dedicated to animal welfare.

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