Kendall Jenner You Surprised With New Short Hairstyle

Kendall Jenner :

Kendall Jenner trademark been her long, brown hair. Now shows the model with new, short haircut.


Surprise: Kendall Jenner, 20, has cut off apparently the hair itself. Via Snapchat, the sister of Kendall Jenner and co. presented her new hairstyle a so-called praise, the longer version of a classic bobs. The brown hair down the model now in light waves just over the shoulder. But why does a new haircut so much attention? Hairdresser visits are commonplace at the celebs finally.


The amazing thing about Kendall Jenner new look: He is completely unexpected. Never, the 20-year-old has dared so extreme hairstyle change. Basically taken it saw her since her first appearance in public with the same, smooth, medium-length hair except for wigs, fake ponies and to styling for your model jobs. Even her little sister Kylie Jenner, 18, is currently a praise, which is regarded as the hairstyle trend for the summer.


Is the short hair real?


That Kendall Jenner is now really in the Club of the short-haired, is doubted by many fans in the social networks, however. On the Snapchat snapshot look only half of her face,it‘s that. Perhaps, Jenner had just pinned up their hair or wear a wig? First, there are real clarity when the next paparazzi pictures will be published, or she even posts a new Selfie. It will not take long so.

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