Katie Price Bizarre Beauty Surgery!

Katie Price :

Katie Price is known for its beauty operations. Through her generous cleavage, she became world-famous. But now she crossed a clear border with this rejuvenation method. In a TV show, she revealed what really make it in itself was


Katie Price, 38, is famous, notorious for her cosmetic surgery. Especially on the bosom, the British has let make a lot. A dozen times she put this under the knife.


Their operations

But not only her breasts had to believe it also the lips she had her spray on. Liposuction as are their beauty-OP list.

As soon the curvy model is no longer down under the knife. Katie Price told the presenter Ruth Langsford on the British TV show “Loose Women”: “I love my boobs now.”


Her confession

But for some time, British media find the face of the models looked like frozen. Katie Price admitted on the show, how it came about: “I let me just shrink the breasts and then inject me my belly fat in the face. As a result I looked worse.”


Their daughter was hospitalized


But shortly after the operation a shock: her daughter was hospitalized. Price had her birthday a pony bought, from Princess Tiami then unhappy crashed and broke her arm while: “I had me just the operations subject to and a black eye, but it did not help, I had to finally put her in the emergency room.There their daughter got plaster and Bracer.”

At least Katie Price will not forget the most important thing in their obsession with beauty: eight-year daughter Princess Tiami.

Whether the model with their beauty their children can be a role model intervention, is questionable.

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