Katie Homles How is Tom Cruise ?

Katie Homles :

Long time Katie Holmes has hidden her relationship with Jamie Foxx in public. Now that their love is officially, the reason emerged: she‘s afraid of the reaction of her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Since a few days, the truth is finally out: Katie Holmes and Jamie Fox actually are together. But now they have with difficulties: they‘re afraid of Tom Cruise.


That makes them worry

End of 2013 should have found Katie Holmes and Jamie to each other. And that they kept her love so long secret, is apparently only to Tom. “HollywoodLife” reportedly, they are afraid of his reaction. “It‘s not all rosy. They‘re really concerned about”an insider revealed to the magazine over.


He didn’t really know?

So far Tom not expressed himself even to the relationship of his ex-wife, but it is really unlikely that he over two years should have suspected anything. Pictures of the new Hollywood dream couple appeared for the first time in the March 2015. “You are totally freaking out both. Since then they have sought even more, to keep her love out of the limelight”, it goes.

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