Justin Bieber Sic “Hollywood Life” Against Gossip Page

Justin Bieber :

Justin Bieber is at loggerheads with the site “Hollywood Life”. His fans to the page now with tweets spam.


Justin Bieber (22, “what do You Mean?”) is angry. He accuses the gossip website “Hollywood Life” not truthfully to report him. That’s why he encourages his fans via Instagram, to ensure that it is closed. “The Web site Hollywood life’ is dishonest and hurtful. Let us spam and start a petition to close it! AND LOS! “, is on a photo on Justin Bieber Instagram account to read. Encourages a different photo on #hollywoodlifeisgarbage (German: Hollywood life is garbage) to tweet.


Justin Bieber Instagram account has currently 71.6 million followers and they were already very active. Battle cries of “Francesco” are already under various contributions on the “Hollywood Life” Instagram page. Which article at Justin Bieber straw to straw, left open the singer.

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