Justin Bieber He Now Sucking on Pacifiers

Justin Bieber :

What is wrong with Justin Bieber? In the past few days, the singer was spotted againand again with an unusual accessory in the mouth


We are used by Justin Bieber, 22, so some crazy looks, but with the succeeds in his recent appearances, to surprise us even Biebs again: he now sucking on pacifiers! The “baby” singer with an unusual accessory shows quite unabashedly in public.


He even posted a snapshot on Instagram, which shows him with two friends from ayacht in France. Casual pose the three in the water, have their hands in the Pocket and the 22-year-old actually has a pacifier in his mouth.


What‘s up with that?


That surprised even the fans of the Canadian. “Why you have a pacifier in your mouth?”, they ask their idol. “What‘s that?” Others, however, completely freak out and want to suck much better even on the Bieber pacifier.


Unusual Declaration


Although it seems at first glance, as if there were no reasonable explanation for the strange appearance of superstars, we can give the all-clear. There‘s a. Experts suspect that the 22-year-old would quit as himself. “Sometimes people who want to quit smoking, need to replace it with something else. We need to have something in your mouth”, explains an addiction specialist to the U.S. Portal”Hollywood Life”. “Some people use toothpicks, sweets, ‘Nicorette’-lozenges, about what they can put in your mouth to distract himself.”


Is the idea to use a baby pacifier, however unusual, the expert thinks. Maybe Justin Bieber wants simply establish a new fashion trend. We however fervently hope that he will not prevail.

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