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Jennifer Aniston :

“He is cold hearted and evil” his former mother-in-law attracts evil about canvas star Justin Theroux

Are Jennifer Aniston, 47, and Justin Theroux, 44, evil and cold-hearted?

The two stars got to know and love 2011 on the set of “Wanderlust the trip of a lifetime”. Explosive: The screen star was Heidi Bivens, 40, still with his girlfriend. Together, he and the costume designer were proud 14 years the separation should have been a big shock for them. Yet five years later the pain sits with Heidi reportedly still deep. Now even their mother was Marilyn Bivens, 71, moreover, what had been their former “son-in-law” for a terrible human being.


The ex mother-in-law speaks

Although were Heidi and Justin never married and so was Marilyn never related with it, nevertheless the star should have declared according to “Radar Online” as a “Monster”. In a shocking interview, they now talked about Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston and the bitter circumstances that should have Heidi apparently forever broken heart.


Incorrect games

Marilyn, who always had treated Justin Theroux own statements according to a family member, recalled: “my treasure‘s heart was pierced. It was a terrible time,”recalled. Before that he lied her even in the face. “Heidi told me what Justin told her. The media would write about him and Jennifer, and that between them will run. He wanted her to know that since nothing is running. He said my daughter to the rumors anything about it was.” As the love between Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston was then officially, which of course was a slap in the face for mother and daughter. “At the time I had even cancer. It was a time that our family is very hurt.”


Jen and Justin are corrupted

According to Marilyn, Justin took on the character of a “dark and evil role”. Mean: Your opinion had he and Jennifer Aniston, who were married in 2015, logically the same “tainted” character and would fit so well together.


The view forward

Now, wanted Marilyn Bivens however look forward and hoping that her daughter Heidi finds a decent dream Prince. “Heidi’s wound is closed but there is still a scar and we pray for a God-fearing man who finds it, because she‘s ready for it.”

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