Hilary Duff “Younger” Star:Son Doubles Joy

Hilary Duff :

For Hilary Duff, her little son is a true source of joy and a real donor of sense of. The mother is satisfied with it.


Hilary Duff (28, “breathe in.“) Breathe out.”) has found a new driving force in her life her son, Luca, 4, who comes from the marriage with Mike Comrie, 35. In an interview with the “today show” on NBC, the singer said: “he gives more meaning to every single day. And the joy, the sense, feels more strongly about.” However, Duff also often worry about their offspring. “Everybody wants that the lives of its children is perfect”, but it was not always possible. Best she could concentrate on Luca, if you turnoff all devices in their free time.


Even with her body, Hilary Duff seems to be at peace. The 28-year-old doesn’t care whether she looks perfect in a bathing suit. “I‘m strong, I feel fit. I‘m happy with me after I got a baby”means the“Lizzie McGuire”-actress. Even if it was only a “normal girl” and give it to days where she feels uncomfortable. Maybe contributes also a new love to their balanced lifestyle? For months, rumors are circulating that Duff was together with her fitness trainer Jason Walsh. Least that reported among other things the ‘daily mail’.

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