Heidi Klum Shitstorm After Dog Picture

Heidi Klum :

Just yesterday Heidi Klum published a very permissive picture . While few think the picture sexy, the model MOM must insert now instead rows negative comments


The new week Heidi Klum begins with a revealing insight into her life: A sexy snapshot on Instagram, and Facebook, which ensures a short time many negative comments.


The 43-year old model MOM Heidi Klum is very permissive with a dog in the bed. Despite the bare skin, not a few fans of seem rather disgusted to be thrilled and the comment of a user’s “oh oh… This is yet again a Shitstorm.”proved very quickly and it becomes clear that dogs in the bed obviously have no business.


Little agreement

The negative votes are piling up in the nearly 1000 Facebook comments.
A user writes disgusted: “So Heidi Klum, if you have faces on the breasts, then by the Hundepo!”. Another hateful comments “I find that disgusting” and performs a more user, what kind of impact does this image on Heidi’s image: “you didn’t need did. People lose so caution and respect for you. As a person which stands in public like you, they are not doing some things just. Is not really beneficial, as you can see on your Commission.”


After all, can Heidi about a few funny and favorable comments enjoy: while some users would like to share with the dog, others find it nice again that the dog so close to Heidi Klum may be.


The content of the comments make it clear eventually, however: dogs do not belong in bed.

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