Guido’s Galaxy The Style of Sylvie MEIs

Sylvie MEIs :

Star designer and GALA columnist Guido Maria Kretschmer the style of presenter, model and mother of Sylvie Meis


For me, Sylvie Meis consists primarily of an enviable knack-Po and an infectious laugh. It is a type of it-girl, that we don’t have in Germany made in Holland. I know the secret of their crisp POS, by the way: Sylvie makes that even in the shooting again and again smaller fitness exercises. I think to myself: Guido, that wouldn’t friends also hurt. Nothing comes from nothing!


Sylvie’s style

Their style would I call international and hip, mixed with a regular dose of glamour.Some way their outfits remind me often on the look of superstar Beyonce. If her career ever get in Germany stalled should she can start in any case without any problems, and especially without a makeover in the United States.


Sylvie Meis has a big advantage: although it is so small, the proportions agree. It is a perfect miniature. Also in big robes she doesn’t, amazingly, what is quite often the case in little women. When one has taken it personally, you understand also why. It‘s her personality and that certain something which makes them the star, who is she. Their well-cared for skin and great hair naturally also play a role. And not to forget, of the Dutch accent on the she‘s so famous.


When I look at her wardrobe and daily looks, I assume frankly that her wardrobe seams burst. Sylvie Meis must have really many, exciting clothes.


My tip for Sylvie

If I could design a red carpet dress for Sylvie Meis, it would not too much glitter and I would also not set too high on the leg slot. I know why she like to chooses a high slit, because her legs thereby be visually extended. But she actually didn’t need.
Love me, if she chooses a natural look less is more also with her often.
Red it is well pronounced and generally bright colors. Bright colors for A woman Knaller! Tone on tone I would you not recommend, however, that squeezes into the overall picture.

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