Eva Mendes First Appearance After Birth

Eva Mendes :

Eva Mendes shows for the first time after the birth of her second child at an event in Los Angeles and looks simply ravishing!


Good looks is so used by Eva Mendes. And also who now , expected two months after the birth of her second child to meet the actress with deep dark circles and tired complexion, must be disappointed. The 42-year-old was on Thursday (June 16) at an event of their own cosmetics labels in Beverly Hills and looked just great.

Own cosmetics brand

Eva Mendes wore a flowery, waisted dress and posed high-spirited and cheerful with various bloggers of the beauty scene in a photo box. The cosmetic line “Circa”, which is to get so far only in the United States, had launched Eva 2015 just she promises high-quality beauty products at drugstore prices.


Two babies at home

Eva Mendes‘s second Tocher Amada Lee has only been on April 29 in the world. Their first daughter Esmeralda is Amada this month one year old. The actress and her boyfriend Ryan Gosling, 35, are likely to have the two Minis currently so fully dealing with all hands.


She can be not under pressure

Nothing of the usual Hollywood pressure as possible after birth back in tip-top shape to be so fast, does Eva Mendes. “I think we go to there very nice hard together,” she said recently in an interview. “If you fit two weeks after giving birth again in your bikini, that‘s great for you. But it wasn’t like me. I think we women should support each other more.”


Healthy nonchalance

Who knows, maybe this relaxation of the key to Eva Mendes straight great appearance. We find them so just right!

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