Christina Milian Her Embarrassing Fashion Fail

Christina Milian :

On the red carpet, fashion sins are not uncommon. But an appearance in a bikini? Christina Milian has gotten wrong with her look.


Christina Milian (34, “so amazin'”) could not convince with their latest look at an event in Las Vegas. Even though she occurred at a pool party at the Flamingo Vega, her outfit on the red carpet was not a positive eye-catcher. Firstly, The red carpet is just not a swimming pool. Secondly: A sweater tied around the waist can replace no pants. And last but not least: sometimes less skin is more simple.


Basically Christina Milians outfit consisted only of a skimpy blue bikini. Although she combined to a black net top, but the fabric was so transparent that this only as an alibi-moderate attempt can be seen to look at least a bit drawn. As regards the upper supply knotted around the hips, you can shake only the head. This outfit is the absolute fashion fail. When Christina Milian later stood on the stage, she had more by the way that she withdrew over which a Jersey.

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