Cara Delevingne The Top Model Draws Blank

Cara Delevingne :

Cara Delevingne drew blank for animal welfare. In a new campaign, the model shows naked there is even more to see


It‘s called probably full body usage: Cara Delevingne, 23, has dropped for the animal welfare campaign “I’m Not a Trophy” all shells. Completely naked, the British top model for the action photographer Arno Elias posed nude. Despite candid pose the most intimate places remain but hidden.


Zebras, leopards and elephants


Instead of bare skin are to see the body of 23-year projections of endangered species: zebras, leopards, elephants, gorillas and Lions. With the impressive shots should¬†be attention to the worldwide problem of poaching and trophy hunting. A heart project for Cara Delevingne. On Instagram, she wrote: “I‘m so proud, an Ambassador for the“I”m not a trophy’-to be organization.”

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