Britney Spears Their Idol did Not Recognize It

Britney Spears :

Britney Spears is actually known. But all people found her to be their idol not, askedfor a photo as they


That never happened to Britney Spears. For over 20 years the singer has been in the business, since the beginning of her career in the 1990 s a term should probably as well as anyone be the 34-year old more or less anyone other than Ed O’Neill.


Suddenly she was the fan

His name is not each his face familiar, but. ED was famous for his parade role as Al Bundy in “A terrible nice family”. Since 2009 he has been playing the lead role of Jay Pritchett in the comedy series “Modern Family”. And exactly from this role, Britney isa big fan. So great, that she begged him even to take a photo when she randomly met him at the airport in Los Angeles in March. The picture then posted Britney on Twitter. But Neill did not know until last, with whom he had actually photographed.The funny actor told this anecdote on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” last Monday.


He didn’t know her

“She came to me and said: ‘ Oh, Mr O’Neill, I love ‘ modern family ‘, you are my favorite in the show.’ And I said: ‘well, I‘m here, I‘m the only one here’. ‘ Could you please, and I know you are in a hurry it might have been nicer. So I said: ‘ sure, na clear ‘. We took the picture and I still said: ‘ have a good trip, I have los’ and so I went. The next day my Manager wrote to me what‘s that? 53,000 likes. “It is Britney Spears.'”


Both Ellen and the audience could not believe of course. How can anyone not see Britney Spears? “My daughter said: ‘You‘re an idiot'”, Neil joked. Then Ed at Britney apologized, she‘s certainly not bad will to take him the action.

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