Blake Lively 13 Hours Sports Day!

Blake Lively :

While filming her new movie “The Shallows” Blake lively completed an impressive sports program


Hollywood stars take some hardships on himself for her film roles. We remember the to and Abnehmjojo by Renee Zellweger as preparation for her role in “Bridget Jones’s diary” or Matthew McConaugehy, who took off nearly 25 kilos for “Dallas Buyers Club”. Blake lively is one that itself can now queue in the list of hardest roles, probably: the former “Gossip Girl revealed to “Entertainment Tonight”, shooting for her new movie “The Shallows” was how unnerving.


Hard training

In the thriller plays the 28 year-old a surfer, who is attacked by a shark. Severely injured she can save themselves on a small rocky outcrop without any prospect of help, she fights for her life.


For this “fight for survival”, the mother of a daughter was but not train hard, “about that to look good in a bikini“, Blake lively said in an interview with now “ET”. The shark movie filming were so strenuous that she probably wouldn’t could have done this without a rigorous training program.


She was in top form

To cope with such large waves and to swim all the time, to shoot long scenes and many repetitions and the being there all the time I was much stronger and fitter at the end of the production, the Hollywood star told of the hard filming in Australia.


“I have pressed me almost 13 hours per day athletic. That was great and it was especially great to have this challenge, after I had a baby. Then, believed that the body has changed and never again as before can look.”


Blake lively has proved to himself that it goes. “To be in better shape than ever before, I thought is really encouraging.”


Motivation by her husband

One who did her courage for the difficult turning, is her husband Ryan Reynolds. His performance in “Buried”, in which he plays a truck driver, who is buried alive and fighting for its survival, have inspired Blake, she admits in the interview. “He spoke about ‘Buried’ and what him that meant to do that.”


On her performance in “The Shallwos” can be now also very proud of the 28-year-old and it currently somewhat quieter address. Blake is currently pregnant with her second child and proves again how beautiful Blake lively looks with baby ball.

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