Angelina Jolie Is She Secretly in Love With Him?

Angelina Jolie :

Angelina Jolie should have attached themselves secretly in a well-known acting colleague according to reports, the telephone lines of the two stars glow


Flirting Angelina Jolie, 41, about foreign?

Third-party flirting with…


The beauty of Hollywood learned in 2001 on the set of “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider their colleague Daniel Craig, 48, know insiders, both had butterflies in your stomachat that time. The chemistry agreed, but never became more than just a fleeting flirt from the two stars. And the fate was anyway very different plans for Angie, to grow old with “James Bond”. in 2005, she met her co-star Brad Pitt, 52, know. The rest is history.


Heated feelings?

But now Angelina Jolie and Daniel should have together again contact. The reason: The screen star has lobbied at the United Nations for that, that more money is put into defusing land mines and other explosives in conflict areas in the world. For Angelina Jolie, even politically committed and UN Goodwill Ambassador is a great opportunityto contact the esteemed colleagues in contact again.


It crackles on the phone line?

Angelina Jolie called him, to praise him for his efforts. Since then glows”the telephone line of the two, chatted from an insider to“Radar Online”. “Angie and Daniel came clear always together and are thrilled that they have contact again at the moment for good purpose.”


Would unlikely that Angelina ever let Brad and her beloved family in the lurch and also Daniel Craig is happily married to Rachel Weisz. “What their partner about this again reheated flirt think remains to be seen, but currently calls much together Angie and Daniel.”


Crush or not so a small phone flirtation with Mr. bond is perhaps already adventure enough.

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