Amber Heard So She kept Her Dark Secret

Amber Heard :

The case amber heard against Johnny Depp takes always pipe trains: now came out,that he knew nothing of her violent past


Amber heard currently accuses her still-husband Johnny Depp to have mistreated them. It is itself not a blank slate, faced Court because of allegations of beatings. Until recently not even Johnny but hardly anyone knew that the actress tried everything to keep her dark secret.


Amber wrote at A.p.d.

It is always crazier details coming in the thing heard/Depp to light. Recently it was announced that Amber heard her ex-girlfriend, Tasya van REE beaten have to and that’s why even was arrested. Now came out as she tried to cover up this incident: according to “TMZ” the 30 years should together with her lawyer have sent letters to the police and is asked, that destroyed all evidence of the fact.


With the relationship the fear came to Johnny

The spicy: The request was made only shortly before her romance with Johnny should be public. On November 14, 2011, Michele Shaw, Amber heard‘s legal counsel, sent a letter to the “port of Seattle Police Department with the prompt to delete, because she was so never legally sentenced the entire crime history of their client.

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