Amber Heard Is She In Debt ?

Amber Heard :

After separation from husband Johnny Depp Amber heard is more accurate observation. Now evidence have surfaced, which draw their financial independence in doubt


Amber heard, 30, after the separation of Johnny Depp, 52, has to survive not only human crisis, allegedly she will accumulate even monthly debt. As “” reported to emerge from court documents, that the actress is currently living beyond their means.


Revenue and costs


Therefore, the monthly revenue by heard on about $10,000 will be. The opposite are however ongoing fixed costs by about $40,000. That produces a monthly minus amount of over $30,000. Amber heards financial independence described by her lawyer is likely to be challenged. Allegedly she wanted maintenance per month $50,000 by Depp the judge refused.


For this she spends her money


One believes the documents, Amber heard there a month for their red Dodge Charger $10,000 for rent, $10,000 for “Entertainment, gifts and holidays”, each $2,000 for clothes,eating out, gasoline and maintenance costs, as well as 300 dollars for cleaning costs.Also incurred additional costs for their production company, dog food, salaries for their PR Manager and Samantha Spector.

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