What Barack Obama Asked To Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Jenner :

Kendall Jenner was part of the many personalities invited to share the White House correspondents dinner Saturday night. The young model has praised president Barack Obama, who asked him a small service in return.


Each year, Barack Obama invites the White House correspondents during a traditional dinner. There were beautiful world for the last evening of the kind of the U.S. president, who will soon be leaving the Oval Office of the White House. Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett, Rachel McAdams, Emma Watson, Kerry Washington (the heroine of the series Scandal) or even the mannequins Emily Ratajkowski, Karlie Kloss andAdriama Lima had responded to the invitation of Barack Obama. Kendall Jenner was also present.


The half-sister of Kim Kardashian was able to greet the resident of the White House for the first time in his life. “He told me to say hello to Kim and Kanye (West) on his part. I told him OK”, told the top model 20-year-old, a little impressed. It is the pride of her mom, Kris Jenner, who rushed to post on Instagram pics from the very decollete dress worn by her daughter during this dinner.


Barack Obama even mentioned his short meeting with Kendall Jenner in his latenight speech. As he knows so well to do, the American president is shown extremely funny: “I met Kendall Jenner backstage and she looks to be a lovely woman. I am not sure of what she did in life, but I realize that my notifications on Twitter are exploding.” In a few months, Kendall Jenner has become indispensable in the fashion world and it is of course very followed on social networks. Barack Obama was able to very quickly see Saturday night…

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