Taylor Swift Mutant In “X-men: Apocalypse”?

Taylor Swift :

The role of singer Taylor Swift was written on the body. She supposedly in “X-men:Apocalypse a mutant musician mimes.


As a pop starlet Taylor Swift success out of this world is quasi, soon she could emit supernatural figure on the screen: because supposedly the 26-year-old should have got the role as the mutant Dazzler singer from the famous “X-men” universe and in“X-men: Apocalypse can be seen. The reports include the American side “NME”.


“Game of Thrones” Star Sophie Turner should have left with an Instagram picture the cat out of the bag. Turner plays the young Tye Sheridan in “Apocalypse”, and wrote to the picture: at the time as Cyclops and I went shopping at the Mall and found the album of our favorite singer (before 1989, of course). An album of mutants singer can be seen. With the PostScript, the actress clearly on Taylor Swift success album play son “1989”. Long the fans about a resolution must no longer be patient: on May 19 is the comic book movie “X-men: Apocalypse in German cinemas.

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