Taylor Swift is The Best Music Supplementing 2015

Taylor Swift :

Can music be with no money make? Taylor Swift can do that very well. By 2015, it has earned more than stones and one direction together.


In may, it is time for the annual tax return in Germanyin the United States, the website “billboard.com” music stars has settled earlier. The result: The biggest killing in the business with CDs, downloads and concert Taylor Swift has 2015 (26, “New romantics”) made. According to the calculations, the smart pop artist has taken last year$73.5 million, equivalent of 64.4 million euros. Alone their world tour to have brought more than $60 million.


Adele nine only on place


The musical world of men can only marvel. Place the largely unknown in Germany country singer Kenny Chesney (48, ‘Noise’) and the Rolling Stones followed by two and three. The older gentlemen 39.8 respectively 39.6 million dollars so even collectively only have made with Oh and crash more than Taylor Swift alone.


More big stars on the front seats of the money-leader board are Billy Joel, 66, finished fourth, one direction fifth with “only” $24.2 million in revenue and U2 as eighth. By the way that live performances now bring in more than record sales proves Adele, 28. She did it despite their million sellers “25” 2015 only to ninth in the “Billboard” list. Little surprising: German stars not found 40 in the top.

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