Taylor Swift Dance Battle at The Met Gala

Taylor Swift :

At the year’s met Gala was a dance-off between pop star Taylor Swift and actor Tom Hiddleston


The location


The successful singer Taylor Swift, 26, and the 35 year old actor Tom Hiddleston were guests at this year’s “met Gala“. The “metal ball” took place on Monday (May 2) in New York. The “Metropolitan Museum of Arts’ held a fundraising charity event annually. The in-house fashion Institute is supported through donations and issued the works produced throughout the year.

Show running


The respective exhibition serves as inspiration for the evening gown of celebrity guests. Not a cent will save on the expensive designer gowns. Top designers such as Valentino, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are always behind the evening dresses. The event becomes the real show run every year.


Cool dance battle


Taylor Swift and Tom could sit only hard still good music. So they promptly jumped on a song by Jay-Z. Girl and rotations was not saved this also. You fought a quite dance battle. Especially Tom Hiddleston enthusiasts with pirouettes.



The Valentino Ambassador, Carlos Souza, posts to a video via Instagram, on which the two cheerful and Merry in the dance. See for!


Taylor Swift impressed with her not even knee-length dress by Louis Vuitton. Hip swinging and bend in the knee no problem -. With the otherwise so long robes, she would have probably lost against the star of “The Avenger”. Good choice, Taylor!

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