Sylvie Meis Forward Particularly To The Show

Sylvie Meis :

Sylvie MEIs will for presenter at “let’s dance really nice tonight (May 20)


Sylvie MEIs is looking forward particularly to today’s ‘ let’s dance “-show.


Not only the quarter-finals will be held, but a very special guest of honor is the heart of the beautiful 38-year.


Family Meis at “let’s dance


Today the Dutch Gets a visit from her beloved brother Daniel and the two siblings celebrate their big meeting via Instagram yesterday (May 19).


Dear sister


Sylvie Meis bought well, not baked, but the gesture is finally even a cake her brother.


Sweet ritual


“My brother Daniel visited me every year at” let’s dance and tomorrow, in Cologne,Germany, he is finally able to see me and the show. I am totally on it. This picture here shows us end of 2013 during the Christmas specials of “let’s dance“. Also the politically engaged Daniel looking very forward to visit his famous sister. “Two left feet me not deter, in” let’s dance to visit in Cologne.”


Well then, let’s hope that Sylvie Meis and Daniel will put any (more or less) when hot on the dance floor.

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