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Sarah Lombardi :

When ‘ let’s dance the pounds are gepurzelt on some celebrity. Also Sarah Lombardi seems to be in top shape and sets every week hot performances on the dance floor. However, it is again the figure criticized that away now just eats it


At the beginning of the new season of “let’s dance Sarah Lombardi was good, but not extremely noticeable. Meanwhile, she used to dance to one of the favorites, and not least because of her sexy appearances.


Just three weeks ago, she danced with partner Robert Beitsch to the “fifty shades of grey” version of Beyonce “Crazy in Love” and had it burned anything. In a hint of anything, a transparent negligee, she properly heated up the audience and the jury and received full marks for this.


Self confident


Sarah Lombardi was also an ordinary Hailstorm on Facebook. There, she posted a picture of the sexy appearance with the comment: I wanted to show one thing yesterday: one must have not always model figure, sexy to show or to feel. That goes more with a few pregnancy pounds. So please, dear, so loves you as you are and stop falling into this low-fat craze.”


Then, their fans discussed whether Sarah was too thick. Opinions were divided.


The singer himself felt but apparently contented. That will be not least because that through the 23-year-old “let’s dance currently in an absolute top form is well figure technically.


Would you like to ice


The theme seems to release the young mother but not quite. Because now she entered again on the character discussion on Facebook.


There she posts a cute video, where Sarah Lombardi does her great desire on an ice kundt: “I‘m just from the training. I‘m hungry right on an ice cream cone. Actually, I wanted to make so diet but I think ice cream is okay. I‘m currently sport also eight hours a day,as may eaten even an ice-cream. Also we live Yes only once, since you can your self once an ice cream, or? Brings nothing if we only ever go hungry. Sweets are too tasty to renounce to it.”


Bollywood feeling


Yes Sarah Lombardi, you may want to give definitely an ice friends! Because even in the eighth shipment of “let’s dance again once absolutely it was meet her favorite role. This time, she slipped into the role of a Bollywood Princess and was once again standing ovations.


Tanned skin, trained female legs the singer need not hide really.


Dancing makes slim


Sarah Lombardi was not the first candidate who loses a few pounds by the dance show and brings her body in a good shape. Before the start of the season, she said in an interview with GALA: “it would be of course a little weight a beautiful side-effect to lose, just after pregnancy.”


After the birth of son Alessio, Sarah took off the first kilos as of self, then it stagnated something. In an interview with GALA, she said at the time: “this is actually the least important, I think there not even about it. I think in a few weeks, I will deal with me and start with the regression.”

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